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Safety Audits

Leading Service Provier of Safety Auditing Services

Electrical Safety Audit

Electrical Safety Audit
  • Electrical Safety Audit
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Service Details:

Type Of EnergyElectrical
Reason For AuditMaintenance Audit
Audit TypeElectrical Audit
Mode Of ReportSoft Copy
Audit FrequencyRecommended Yearly

Scope of Audit:

  • Verification of statutory compliance with respect to Central Electricity Authority/Indian Electricity Rules.

  • Physical inspection to identify electrical hazards (shock, fire, explosion, overloading) and to suggest electrical safety solutions

  • Review of plant lightning protection system (need, adequacy, installation and maintenance)

  • Review of static electricity hazards in the plant operations (if applicable)

  • Review of hazardous area classification and selection of flameproof electrical equipment in the plant, including maintenance aspects (if applicable)

  • Review of electrical preventive maintenance system (including tests, documentation, history cards, etc.).

  • Review of electrical accidents and near misses in the plant to identify the root causes

  • Review of electrical systems & procedures (work permits, interlocks, lockout tags, etc.).

  • Review of the importance given to electrical safety in the company safety policy, safety committee, continuous electrical risk identification, etc.

  • Review of the Earthing system (installation & maintenance aspects).

  • To identify areas of overloading by carrying out thermography. 
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Process Safety Audit Service

Process Safety Audit Service
  • Process Safety Audit Service
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Process Safety Audits

Samarth safety provides a process safety auditing service aimed at bench-marking a process operator across all the elements of process safety.

Process safety is a framework of engineering and management systems used to manage the integrity of hazardous processes.
Loopholes in these systems can expose a facility to unnecessary risk. A process safety audit uses a team of subject matter experts to reveal gaps or other faults and enhance the performance of these systems against best practices and make recommendations to close them. The elements that can be bench-marked include:

Leadership, Management of Change, Hazard identification, Risk assessment, Functional safety, Alarm management, Pressure vessel certifications, Tank certifications, Hazardous areas, and electrical certifications, Aging Plant / Asset Integrity, Operating procedures, Worker engagement, Contractor management, Safe work systems, Drawing and document management, Safety Critical Element management and verification, Human factors in operations incident reporting and follow up, Inherent safety, Emergency preparedness, Performance monitoring, review and auditing, Process safety management system.

The process safety audit involves a number of interviews with relevant staff and site visits. We use checklists developed for each element to guide the audit and evidence collection. These are issued to the client, along with the start of the review.

We at Samarth safety will provide you an audit report containing:
  • A report card ranking each element against good practice
  • A process safety maturity ranking
  • Gaps & recommendations
  • Prioritization of the recommendations in terms of importance on process safety
  • A management presentation highlighting findings

Special benefits for you include:
  • Our dedicated expertise, unparalleled credentials of the individuals,and thorough background research are backed with adequate experience.
  • Soft skills and well-mannered staff to make partnering with us a successful and smooth experience throughout.
  • Good communication and friendly collaboration.
  • Global scientific rigor and other necessities
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Occupational Health and Safety Audit Service

Occupational Health and Safety Audit Service
  • Occupational Health and Safety Audit Service
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Occupational Health and Safety Audit

The key to health and safety in workplace is promoting safe working conditions and compliance with the regulations. However, flaunting the norms or unaware of the potential hazard may yield in workplace accidents. Outcomes of post-accident investigation reflect that the organization has not carried out occupational health and safety audit, which is considered as a tool for controlling hazards. The objective of the audit is to assess compliance with established guidelines. This audit is not just confined to hazard identification, rather a comprehensive examination of OHS management. Avail best of the OHS audit from our professionals for ensuring a safe workplace. We render OHS auditing services to needy corporate in the areas of policy and risk assessment, written statement of general health and safety policy, identification of relevant hazards, evaluation of risks, proper display of emergency contacts, Illumination and adequacy of natural light, provision of emergency lighting, Ventilation, Housekeeping, and waste management, Material storage, Management safety, Medical and first aid, PPE, Work station ergonomics.

Our team will provide you a Detailed report on audit, Detailed recommendations, and action planning, Quantified outcome in all the elements, Benchmarking across various aspects of the specification, also Identifying and correcting health and safety hazards at Reduced costs (lost productivity, insurance, legal, re-training), Reduced risk, Reduced liability, Improved standing among customers, investors and the community, Increased productivity (improved employee health and morale.

As part of our own quality control processes, we ensure:
  • To provide a unique vividly recognised audit process
  • Our audit and consultancy products are regularly reviewed to meet customer needs, expectations and sector best practice
  • Consistently high standards of service are achieved through a robust quality assurance process including auditor standardization, training and performance monitoring

Our technical specialists serve on strategic committees for occupational health, safety and environmental standards for your employees and company.

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Workplace Safety Audit Service

Workplace Safety Audit Service
  • Workplace Safety Audit Service
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Workplace Safety Audit
An audit will, in general, look to assess the following factors:
  • The strength and weakness of your business
  • How the system performs within the aims of the organization
  • Whether the company is fulfilling its legal obligation within its industry
  • Proper performance reviewing system is in place
  • To increase value for your workplace (institution / factory / industry)
  • Highlight Potential Problems

We help you identify the issues or problems that may occur behind the scenes. We at Samarth safety aim to deliver the best in class solutions that are tailor-made to fit your personalized requirements.

Our audit will benefit you with:
  • Increase Employee Awareness and will help you build better-skilled employees.
  • Our workplace auditing will help you in increasing awareness and understanding of the environment and safety regulations, which would ultimately improve the growth of your business.
  • Enhance your Company’s Credentials
    With the help of the audit reports, it’ll be smoother to attract new investors or clients. We assist you in building a positive public relation that can greatly benefit your business goals. It also works as an incentive to pull in skilled employees to work for the company.
  • Save Money
    Workplace safety audit provides a calculated analysis of procedures and provides the changes to be implemented. Our audit will help save you thousands of rupees in operating costs and other such unforeseen expenditures.
  • Helps you comply with Safety and Environmental Laws
    We guide you in understanding the various regulations and laws for your business to ensure safety within the industry. Knowing that you have the proper rules will eliminate the risk of injury in the workspace and benefit your employees.
  • Helps you win the Favor of Regulatory Agencies
    A complete audit with proper follow-up signals that your company is making good-faith in the market to comply with applicable regulatory requirements.
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Sustainability Audit Service

Sustainability Audit Service
  • Sustainability Audit Service
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Sustainability Audit

Our aim at Samarth safety is to serve you with the best in class services. To ensure that, we verify and certify your product and process to emerging sustainability requirements consistently along the entire supply chain.

We at Samarth safety take great pride in our ethics. Our team of supply chain management and product assurance experts can support your business in certifying to the latest sustainability standards. Whether the certification is associated with product testing or facility auditing, Samarth safety’s global network will confirm that products and services meet leading sustainability standards and requirements.

Samarth safety offers a suite of corporate social responsibility solutions to empower you to showcase good business practices while simultaneously improving material efficiency through sustainable environmental practices. Corporate social responsibility addresses security and workplace conditions and ensures your organization and your suppliers meet the requirements of tomorrow’s employees, communities, investors, and customers.

Our wide range of audit, verification, and testing services will help you to minimize your environmental impact and improve your sustainability performance. Samarth Safety offers environmental audits to assess your environmental credentials to ensure that national and international environmental regulations are being met.

Our global network of experts and state-of-the-art facilities provide you with the knowledge you need to assess the environmental impact of your organization and to check whether it complies with your mandatory standards and other voluntary requirements.

Furthermore, our experts will provide you with an unparalleled sustainable workplace condition assessment. We will ensure that together we achieve the prospect of the “Think Green” initiative along with the required sustainability certifications.

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Statutory Safety Audit Service

Statutory Safety Audit Service
  • Statutory Safety Audit Service
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We at Samarth Safety carefully carry out audits in compliance with the Indian legislation, subject to all the rules and regulations, domestic laws, and in accordance with the statutes such as Factory Act, State Factory Rules, and all other standards applied across industries at various levels.

Our team of experts also precisely evaluate and undergo as per the provisions and standards required under international norms. Our evaluation helps our clients’ business meet all the necessary statutory safety requirements as set by the regulating authorities.

Statutory safety audits are inherent for the purpose of your production, manufacturing, and all the construction-related projects. Our dedicated group of members carefully evaluates and implements every single rule and regulation to serve you with utmost precision and guarantee you the best safety standards.

We undergo thorough investigation and adequate research before conducting the compliance for the respective analysis for in-depth audits.

The statutory safety audit involves a proper channel of communication with the staff in charge, followed by institutional visits to deliver a detailed audit report containing:

  • A comprehensive report is containing various statutes that are subject to your individual institution/business.
  • Personalized recommendations based aptly for your statutory compliance and needs.
  • Management presentation highlighting the ultimate findings.
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General Safety Audit Services

General Safety Audit Services
  • General Safety Audit Services
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Our Safety audits and safety inspections are performed for various reasons. Each company will have its own specific list of reasons for completing a safety audit and we are here to cater to your specific needs and to troubleshoot the problems especially to your requirements.

Whatever may be the reasons for incidents, but one thing is sure that until and unless there is a behavior-based safety audit, nothing could be changed proactively. Given the important role audit plays in restoring every aspect of workplace safety, our company provides auditing services in compliance with your specific audit requirements in the areas of construction, fire, process safety, and lifting equipment. We have professionals having hands-on experience in conducting a safety audit across the industries. Auditing services are being rendered to the relevant organizations in the following areas:

Successful Complete project
  • Fire Safety audit
  • Electrical Safety audit
  • Occupational health and safety audit
  • Process safety Management audit

The following are just a few of the most common domains of the services we keep an eye on:

Legislative Requirements – There are many national or domestic laws in place that require facilities to meet certain safety standards. A safety audit can help ensure those standards are met.

Safety Concern – Keeping employees and the workplace safe is ethically very important.

Injuries – If someone has been injured in a specific area of the workplace, it is often necessary to perform a safety audit of that area to determine whether the injury was a one-time occurrence or there is a risk of it happening to someone else.

Bottom Line – While safety improvement in the workplace is often looked at as expenditure, in the long run, it can positively improve a company’s bottom line.

Safety Culture – Employers that want to promote a safety-focused culture need to set the tone by engaging in safety-related activities such as a safety audit.

Our team of experts would assist you at every step with:
  • Employees will understand the importance of safety
  • Management would able to reinforce personal safety through good behavior based practice
  • Compliance of rules and regulations
  • All procedures and controls are in place
  • Accidents won’t happen at all or reduce in number of incidences
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Arc Flash Study Service

Arc Flash Study Service
  • Arc Flash Study Service
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Arc Flash is a dangerous condition associated with the release of energy caused by an electric arc and the main causes of Arc Flash will be thoroughly scrutinized by our dedicated team of experts caused by the following reasons:

  • Dust accumulation
  • Corrosion, Dirt contamination or Dielectric Breakdown
  • Faulty equipment
  • Poor maintenance
  • Tool dropped into an equipment
  • Careless removal or replacement cover and device
  • Entry of foreign bodies
  • Misalignment of moving contacts

The Objective Of Our Team At Samarth Safety Is To Prevent You From The Following Major Hazards Of Arc Flash And Giving You All-Round Solutions For It:

  • Severe burns
  • Blindness
  • Blast injuries
  • Shrapnel wounds
  • Lung blast injuries
  • Ruptured eardrums
  • Pressure wave injuries

The Scope Of Arc Flash Studies Under Our Surveillance At Samarth Safety Will Prevent You From:

  • The risk of personal injury as a result of exposure to incident energy from an electrical arc flash.
  • The incident energy evolved, safe flash protection boundary and PPE requirements as a function of location and work activity.
  • Further to provide designers and facility operators to apply in determining the arc-flash hazard distance and the incident energy to which employees could be exposed during their work on or near electrical equipment.

Our Dedicated Team Of Experts Will Conduct The Survey Methodology Which Includes:

  • Collect the system Installation and equipment data
  • Determine the power system’s modes of operation
  • Determine the bolted fault currents
  • Determine the arc fault currents
  • From the protective device characteristics, Find the Arcing Duration
  • Record the system voltages and equipment classes for each bus or arc hazard location
  • Determine the working distance
  • Determine the incident energy
  • Determine Flash protection boundary for all equipment.
  • Protective device coordination evaluation for bolted fault as well as arcing fault
  • Generate Arc Flash Hazard labels

Samarth Safety Assures You Quality And Will Provide You In This Study With:

  • Arc flash labels
  • Incident energy values
  • What Arc Flash PPE electricians need
  • Working distance
  • Arc flash boundary & limits of approach
  • Shock hazards and the necessary equipment to prevent those hazards
  • An easy to read report with everything management and engineering will want to see
  • Recommendations on how to improve your numbers
  • Your Ideal Support Model

Further to this, The Samarth Safety’s experts’ team holds expertise in the field of engineering, design, and consulting services in this particular field of power system and Arc flash survey. The study is conducted according to the latest standards & norms followed around the globe with the help of the latest available technology and software.

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Short Circuit Study Service

Short Circuit Study Service
  • Short Circuit Study Service
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Short Circuit Study

In order to provide you with best in class services, we help you understand the importance of short circuit study, our team of experts identify the following common problems:

  • Our detailed approach for Short circuit study is used to determine the available fault current or short circuit current at each point in the system and help you prepare accordingly.
  • Based on our analysis, our power system engineers can efficiently determine the required interrupting capacity of the circuit breakers which form the basis for designing a personalized and proper relaying system.
  • Our Short Circuit Analysis will help to ensure that personnel and equipment are protected by establishing proper interrupting ratings of protective devices (circuit breaker and fuses).
  • The results obtained from short circuit studies are used in predicting the incident energy levels for your units and completing a detailed protective device coordination study specially to suit your requirements.

At Samarth safety, our goal is to intrude the fault current as early as possible and this can only be achieved with the help of Protective device settings.

Conducting A Short Circuit Analysis Will Provide You With The Following Benefits:
  • Helps avoid unplanned outages and downtime
  • Is critical for avoiding interruptions of essential services
  • Reduces the risk of equipment damage and fires
  • Increases safety and protects people from injuries
  • Determines the level and type of protective devices that are needed
  • Provides the information needed for required important labels
  • Keeps you in compliance with necessary requirements 
  • Reduces the risk a facility could face and help avoid catastrophic losses
  • Increases the safety and reliability of the power system and related equipment 

At Samarth safety, we differ in terms of quality and assurance from our competitors, this allows us to be more responsive to change. It also allows us to provide personalized and superior services to you. We follow the necessary and relevant guidelines in order to guarantee that we always meet the highest industry standards. 

Our structured Short circuit analysis is performed so that existing and new equipment ratings are sufficient to withstand the available short circuit current. This short circuit analysis can be done either through hand calculations or through known best in class software. 

Using the most efficient software, we can perform short circuit studies on electrical systems in a quick time and effective manner in the following manner:

  • Data Collection and Preparation
  • Short circuit calculations 
  • Relay Coordination Studies 
  • Load flow Analysis  
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HIRA Service

HIRA Service
  • HIRA Service
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HIRA (Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment)

In HIRA, our experts follow a systematic process that consists of a number of sequential steps such as hazard identification, consequence & frequency assessment, risk estimation based on the existing controls, and recommendations to reduce those risks which are not under acceptable limits.

Our experts at Samarth Safety carry the detailed analysis of HIRA by:
  • Carryout a systematic, critical appraisal of all potential hazards involving personnel, plant, services, and operation methods.
  • Identify the existing safeguards available to control the risks due to the hazards.
  • Suggest additional control measures to reduce the risk to an acceptable level.
  • Prepare a Risk Register that will help in continuously monitoring these risks, detect any changes, and ensure the controls are effective.
  • HIRA Training for different levels of people like managers, frontline engineers, supervisors, and executives, workforce. These customized pieces of training can be conducted on-site, online (Online instructor-led), or blended.

Our evaluation for Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Study includes:
  • Study of the plant operations
  • Identification of the individual tasks involved in carrying out the above operations
  • Identification of potential health and safety hazards in these tasks
  • Determination of the level of risk by combining the likelihood of a hazard occurring with its severity using the Risk matrix
  • Analyzing the existing control measures available to control these risks
  • Provide recommendations for additional risk control measures to bring the risk to an acceptable level
  • Compilation of the Risk register
  • Hazard identification in all the activities performed in the organization
  • Determine control measures to reduce the risk to acceptable or as low as is reasonably practicable

Our role is identifying hazards associated with the operations and select worst-case scenarios for estimation of consequences. Reputed software models will be used for consequence estimation. Based on the estimated frequency of occurrence, risk reduction measures will be suggested to the management for effective implementation.

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Process Hazard Analysis Service

Process Hazard Analysis Service
  • Process Hazard Analysis Service
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Process Hazard Analysis

Samarth safety uses PHA methodology as required under various phases.

The first phase of the analysis is dedicated to gathering all the applicable safety information about the materials handled, the chemical process and conditions, the control methods employed, and the equipment and systems’ use. The available safety information relevant to the targeted approachis gleaned from Safety Data Sheets (SDS’s), laboratory testing, design manuals, operating procedures, and equipment manufacturers/suppliers.

During the PHA exercise for each hazard identified, the team examines the existing safeguards that prevent or mitigate the undesired consequences in addition to proposing new measures should they be required.

The final critical aspect of the PHA effort is to provide adequate documentation of the analysis, its findings, and recommendations. A risk management plan must follow the PHA in order to ensure that effective follow-up and closure occurs.

We at Samarth safety are specialists in the entire field of process hazard analysis methods, including what-if checklists, hazard and operability studies (HAZOP), failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA), fault tree analysis (FTA), layers of protection analysis (LOPA) and more.

We assemble our teams under the guidance of an experienced and knowledgeable leader, composed of members with diverse experience and expertise, which helps deliver accurate solutions for your specific necessities.

Our thorough examination and research help in accumulating the necessary process safety information, including hazardous materials properties such as combustibility, flammability, explosively, reactivity, self-heating, toxicity, electrostatic properties, as well as assembling and leading the PHA team and drawing up reports and documenting outcomes.

We provide you:
  • Identification of error sources and estimation of probabilities of occurrence
  • Process safety specialists with a strong industry background
  • Compliance with necessary regulations
  • Internal workshops to train employees to manage risk and be effective PHA leaders
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LOPA Service

LOPA Service
  • LOPA Service
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We at Samarth safety offer, Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA), which is another risk assessment technique, more commonly used to determine the required Safety Integrity Level (SIL) for Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) under specific standards.

With the use of this, we aim at minimizing causalities. This methodology essentially differentiates between installed risk reduction measures. The outcome from most risk assessment techniques records all the risk reduction measures. These measures can include items of plant and equipment, human actions and procedures, etc.

LOPA defines certain measures as special and calls them Independent Protection Layers (IPLs).

IPLs Are The Defined Measures In Which It Is:
  • Independent – they act on their own
  • Effective – they will prevent the hazardous scenario (if they work)
  • Auditable – are capable of being formally tested

All the identified risk reduction measures are screened, and non-IPLs are removed before deciding if the remaining IPLs reduce the level of risk to an acceptable Target Risk Level or not. The story of risk reduction achieved or credit for each identified IPL is determined using a LOPA Rule Book (which specifies how risk reduction credits can be awarded for various situations).

We are actively involved in helping operators to determine whether or not proposed, and existing safety-related systems can provide the necessary level of risk reduction or SIL, consistent with the requirements of the standards.

We Can Help You With :
  • Specify appropriate IPLs
  • Identify Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF)
  • Determine appropriate target SILs for SIS
  • Validate proposed or existing designs for SISs to ensure the SILs can be achieved
  • Prepare essential documentation for on-going inspection, functional testing, and maintenance of SISs
  • Safety Barrier Identification
  • Safety Objective Analysis (SOA)
  • Probability of Failure on Demand Determination
  • Layers of Protection Analysis
  • Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Determination
  • Risk Acceptance Criteria
  • Risk Judgment Techniques
  • Special Application of LOPA for an Independent Protection Layer
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Emergency Response Mockdrill Service

Emergency Response Mockdrill Service
  • Emergency Response Mockdrill Service
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We assist you in creating a comprehensive plan for handling emergencies, which is a major step toward preventing disasters. However, it is difficult to predict all of the problems that may happen unless the plan is tested. Exercises and drills may be conducted to practice all or critical portions (such as evacuation) of the program. A thorough and immediate review after each workout, training, or after an actual emergency will point out areas that require improvement. Knowledge of individual responsibilities can be evaluated through paper tests or interviews.

The plan should be revised when shortcomings have become known and should be reviewed at least annually. Changes in plant infrastructure, processes, and materials used, and key personnel is occasions for updating the plan.

The Objectives Of Conducting Mock Drills Are:
  • Educating and training staff and making them react is essential that all providers must be made for the training of both individuals and teams if they are expected to perform adequately in an emergency. An annual full-scale exercise will help in maintaining a high level of proficiency. to any unforeseen emergency situations, mainly because they have a quick onset and hardly have any warning signs.
  • Mock exercises and evacuation to build up courage and confidence in staff,
    members and other workers.
  • To teach Life Saving and Rescue techniques to school staff, members, and other workers
    and to enable them to be lifesavers at the time of emergencies.
  • Testing the efficacy of Disaster Management Plan and improving it further
    so that it becomes do-able.
  • To have clarity and a better understanding of the roles and responsibility of all

It is essential that all providers must be made for the training of both individuals and teams if they are expected to perform adequately in an emergency. An annual full-scale exercise will help in maintaining a high level of proficiency.

Learning Outcome Of Mock Drill Training
  • Purpose of conducting a mock drill
  • Mock drill design as per the principles
  • Objectives of mock drill
  • Common safety problems at the workplace
  • Ways to conduct mock drill
  • Systematic way of conducting mock exercises
  • Role of management, emergency manager, authorized response person, and workers for conducting the mock drill
  • Escape plan in case of emergency
  • Guidelines to be followed before, during, and after mock drill
  • Evaluation of mock drill
  • Implementation of an emergency plan
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Process Safety GAP Assessment

Process Safety GAP Assessment
  • Process Safety GAP Assessment
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Process Safety Management is a primary function for assuring safe and reliable production operation. However, unforeseen weaknesses or ‘gaps’ in those processes may lead to Major Accident events, where the consequential effects are either multiple fatalities or catastrophic asset damage, or both. Therefore, the management processes need to be holistic, and application must also be meticulous as any shortfalls, or ‘gaps’ in either have the potential to be catastrophic. We at Samarth safety help you achieve this target efficiently.

Samarth Safety works to support operators of Major Accident Hazard facilities by conducting comprehensive Audits (or ‘Gap Analyses’) of their existing Process Safety Management and Asset Integrity Management systems. The Audits are a vital element of on-going performance assessment; they shall serve to examine the scope and extent of what is in place currently and how this is performing, identifying weaknesses and/or gaps. This shall then help to define the means by which those weaknesses and/or openings may be addressed and rectified going forward.

The Audit Process Is Conducted In Three Stages:
  • Identify and bench-mark what is in place currently against any pertinent Regulatory requirements, industry norms, standards, and best practices
  • Identify what should be in place and if there are gaps or weaknesses in key processes that should be made good before going forward
  • Development of an action plan to address the gaps and shortfalls
  • This latter plan is invariably considered in the context of ‘risk’, where those gaps or weaknesses that constitute the highest risk are prioritized for enactment over those that are of potentially lesser risk status.

The scope of a given Audit is usually tailored to suit the primary objectives thereof (such as performance bench-marking, Regulatory/Corporate compliance, and the like).

The Gaps In The Facility With Respect To The Following Shall Be Stressed Upon:
  • Commitment to Process Safety
  • Understanding Hazards and Risks associated with a process plant
  • Managing Risks effectively
  • Learning from Experience
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Safety Equipment Need Identification Service

Safety Equipment Need Identification Service
  • Safety Equipment Need Identification Service
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We provide top of the line safety equipment maintenance and safety equipment repair to ensure your equipment is working optimally at all times. We will also work with you to determine when replacement may be advisable or necessary as your equipment ages.

We’re equipped with the tools, knowledge, and experience to help you with the maintenance and repair of all your safety equipment. Some of the service solutions we provide include, Gas detection equipment repair, maintenance, and calibration, Specialty fall protection equipment, inspection and repair, Respirator clearances, Respirator fit testing (qualitative & quantitative), Calibration, repair, maintenance, and re-certification of specialty safety equipment, Respirator decontamination & inspection, Harness & lanyard cleaning and inspection, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) maintenance, cleaning, and replacement and many more.

Our dedicated and experienced team of audit has been actively involved in the contribution towards overall safety standard development. Our assessment and transition support service will help you to gain a better understanding of how well your safety management system is currently aligned to the requirements of specific needs.

The initial audit and subsequent report will provide observations of any areas in which you may need to improve in preparation for achieving relevant certifications.

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Fire Safety Audit Service

Fire Safety Audit Service
  • Fire Safety Audit Service
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The fire safety audits are conducted by experienced Fire Safety Auditors against our proprietary’s scored assessment protocol which has been developed based on National legal requirements, review of fire safety policy statement, evaluating the competency levels for those with specific fire safety roles, National & international codes and standards of fire and life safety and Good Industry Practices (GIP)

Our aim is to provide Fire Risk Management Protocol, customized for industry sectors like general manufacturing, mining, metal, oil & gas, hospitals, high-rise buildings, shopping malls, etc checking the availability and working of fire detection and alarm systems like a smoke detector, heat detector, manual call point, and firefighting equipment & fixed installations like fire extinguisher, sprinkler systems, internal and external hydrant system, fire pump room, etc. We are a leading third-party external body, conducting independent Fire Safety Audit in India without commercial bias.

Our auditing methodology includes pre-audit preparation, Onsite visit, interviews, walk-in, task observation, onsite mock drills, discussion, review of documents, records, tests, reports with observations, findings, and recommendations along with review of the status after a specified time period.

This audit is applicable to a wide range of organizations irrespective of size, sector, structure or geography. However, it is more ideal for an organization wishing to formalize their fire risk management system and demonstrate compliance with fire safety regulations.

Fire Safety Audit Reports generally include an introduction, statutory compliance status, findings and observations, to-dos’ & recommendations, and photo gallery.

The Audit Report generally also contains Fire & Life Safety risk prioritization and maturity scoring in a statistical dashboard.

We have expertise in carrying out audits in the sectors like Warehouses, Luxury Malls, Commercial and residential buildings, Food Industry, Data Centers, Hospitals, Oil & Gas, Educational institutes including schools, colleges, coaching classes, universities, and fitness centers.

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Transportation Safety Audit Service

Transportation Safety Audit Service
  • Transportation Safety Audit Service
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Transportation Safety Audit

A Transport safety audit (TSA) is the formal safety performance examination of an existing or future transport or intersection by an independent, multidisciplinary team. It qualitatively estimates and reports on potential transport safety issues and identifies opportunities for improvements in safety for all types of transportation users. Our team works in accordance with State and local jurisdictions of different statutes and guidelines of Central and State Governments to project development process for all types of transportation.

The aim of Samarth Safety is dedicated to removing obstacles and facilitates progress. Our transportation safety audits include the services for providing the new and modified ways of transportation for the goods and logistics industry and also give recommendations to make the necessary changes to ensure public safety and well-being. Our audit report comprises with various types of route surveys for ease of transportation and all the risk assessment audits specially tailored for conveying high-risk materials.

Transportation safety audits can be used in any phase of project development, from planning and preliminary engineering, design, and construction. Transportation safety audits can also be used on any sized project, from minor intersection and roadway retrofits to mega-projects.

The purpose of our audit is to:
  • Describe the subject of transportation safety audit
  • Introduce a set of formal procedures for carrying out transportation safety audits provide guidance regarding level of effort required based on the type of project
  • Provide guidance on transportation safety audits team requirements.

Our transport safety audit is a formal and independent safety performance review of a road transportation project by an experienced team of safety specialists, addressing the safety of all road users.

The objectives of a transportation safety audit are to:
  • minimise the frequency and severity of preventable collisions
  • consider the safety of all sorts of transportation and road users, including vulnerable road users
  • ensure that collision mitigation measures that may eliminate or reduce potential safety
  • problems are considered fully
  • minimise potentially negative safety impacts both within and outside the project
    limits, i.e. to avoid introducing collisions elsewhere along the route or on the network

Our specialists recommend you the following necessary essentials:
  • Maintain and document a formal set of transportation safety audit procedures
  • Make sure that each road safety audit has clear terms of reference
  • Ensure that staff and consultants in charge of the project are aware of their
    responsibilities in a transportation safety audit
  • Ensure that transportation safety audits are undertaken by competent road safety audit teams
  • In undertaking road safety audits, Transportation Safety Auditors should document what information has been received by the transportation safety audit team and subsequently used as information to assist with the transportation safety audit
  • Establish that, if applicable, safety issues raised at earlier stages which have not been addressed, are re-examined where and as appropriate ensure that the transportation safety audit team members are aware of their responsibilities in undertaking a transportation safety audit
  • maintain a record of the full documentation for each road safety audit undertaken
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Water Conservation Audit Service

Water Conservation Audit Service
  • Water Conservation Audit Service
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Water Conservation Audit

An important element of our consulting services is the water audit program. Samarth Safety offers water audits at domestic as well as commercial levels. With our water audit services, a trained water conservation auditor will conduct a comprehensive on-site survey, collect water meter data, identify all water sources, identify water-using equipment, detect leaks, and provide water conservation measures that will reduce facility water usage.

We shall provide a water audit report, which will provide an analysis of current water usage, and provide a detailed list of water conservation measures. Each water conservation measure will include a description of the problem, the proposed solution, the estimated water savings, the cost to implement the resolution, and estimated payback and protection for each recommended measure. We also provide information about rebates, incentives, or other applicable programs.

As part of the audit, we will conduct a water balance, which will compare the metered water amounts with the estimated water usage of all of the water-consuming devices. From this, we have in the past been able to identify leaks and metering problems.

The purpose of a water audit report is to provide an assessment of current water usage practices and provide a roadmap towards decreasing water usage in the future. During the water audit services, we do the following:

  • Inventory all water-using equipment and processes.
  • Identify any inefficient plumbing fixtures and appliances, as well as leaks and water waste.
  • Identify any kitchen equipment or processes that use more water than is necessary.
  • Look for water leaks.
  • Check hoses, pools, fountains, and ponds for leaks.
  • Check float valves in cooling towers for excessive water usage.
  • Review irrigation schedules and irrigation systems and make recommendations as needed.
  • Suggest upgrades, retrofits, or new, more efficient equipment.
  • Compare water meter data to estimate water usage data to identify if there are substantial problems with water leaks or metering errors.
  • Provide a list of suggested water conservation measures, along with water savings potential, costs to implement, available incentives, and simple payback.
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WASH Audit Service

WASH Audit Service
  • WASH Audit Service
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We provide our clients WASH assessment prior to starting up their operations under various situations, including COVID 19 pandemic outbreak, and have a status quo check on the conformance to the guidelines stipulated by the Ministry of Home Affairs or other government bodies (local, state, and national) or industry-specific guidelines and ensure safe operations and workplace by safeguarding health and safety of employees, customers, suppliers, all stake-holders and public in general including people with a disability, older people, women, and children.

Our methodology in it is to evaluate the level of accessibility and safety of existing water and/or sanitation facility and its surroundings and to identify possible changes or improvements. The audit identifies simple changes to facilities and their surroundings that can improve their usability for a wide range of users, thus avoiding the need for separate ‘special’ provisions. The audit is a way for stake-holders to consider any risks to safety from using the facilities and to consider if anything can be done to reduce the risks. WASH standard is applicable for every Organization / Industry / Business (manufacturing, services, trade, etc.).

Our objectives of the WASH standard is to provide a holistic report to the client on the preparedness and processes established with regard to Hygiene and Safety, especially to Covid 19 pandemic situation, and ensure in the larger interest of the society that compliance is set with regarding requirements stipulated as applicable by Ministry of Home Affairs or relevant local or state or national body so that to prevent further spreading of the uncontrolled situations.

WASH Scheme is processed through the following steps,
  • self-assessment checklist and updating status with regard to requirements specified.
  • Plan for on-site (or remote assessment in certain cases) assessment, considering the situation and the operational issues.
  • Conduct on-site/remote evaluation as per the criteria (under the relevant authorities) and provide the WASH assessment report to the client.
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Industrial Hygiene Audit Service

Industrial Hygiene Audit Service
  • Industrial Hygiene Audit Service
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Samarth safety will conduct an adequate, preliminary, Industrial Hygiene audit of your company’s facilities. The purpose of an initial audit is to determine if the need exists for a full formal audit. The preliminary audit will encompass the review and evaluation of the workplace occupational environment for suspect physical, chemical, and biological factors that can cause ill health.

The preliminary audit report will classify specific findings that represent out of compliance issues, identify areas that require the collection of tangible information through air monitoring, or other physical sampling methods, discuss anticipated needs for engineering and administrative controls and establish recommendations to initiate corrective actions. Action steps will be shown for individual program areas in-order to implement correction plans for identified deficiencies. This will include exceptions to established governmental regulations as well as the good practices that the facility has developed and implemented.

At Samarth safety, we work with Facilities, Planning, and Operations management to develop comprehensive audit objectives. This will be accomplished by reviewing the information and data collected during the preliminary audit.

Our team of safety, indoor environment, and engineering experts subscribe to the five basic tenets of industrial hygiene recognized as industry best practices:

  • Anticipation – It involves reviewing all practices and procedures and using qualitative and quantitative measurements to assess them annually. Industrial hygiene practices are actively integrated into the corporate structure.
  • Recognition – Recognition involves establishing a file or database and incorporating all legal requirements and recommended practices. We also rank risk operations and create an audit or assessment plan based on those rankings.
  • Evaluation – All the preparation is actively put to use as we implement the exposure assessment strategy and document hazard evaluations.
  • Prevention – We ensure clients use effective hazard communication. The effectiveness of health and safety training becomes evident as preventative measures impact the workplace.
  • Control – Successful management is an on-going process of following the hierarchy of controls and benefiting from health and safety management systems.

Under the evaluation, the core areas examined are Chemical hazards, Physical hazards, Biological hazards, and Ergonomic hazards, Engineering or Administrative Controls, Ventilation, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

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Protection System Study Service

Protection System Study Service
  • Protection System Study Service
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Protection System Study

There may be several instances where certain un-identified faults may occur per se, and it may not only destroy the equipment of its origin but also may spread in the system and cause total failure ultimately preventing it from operating at all. Our team of experts at Samarth Safety will help you to prevent and observe the following:

  • A great reduction of the line voltages.
  • Damage caused to the root element of the system.
  • Damage to other parts due to overheating.
  • Disturbance to the stability of the system and this may even lead to a complete shutdown of the power system.
  • Reduction in the voltage may fail the pressure coil of the relay.
  • Considerable reduction in the voltage on healthy feeder connected to the system having fault. This may cause either an abnormally high current being drawn by the motor or the operation of no-volt coils of the motors. (Considerable loss of industrial production as the motors will have to be restarted)

We at Samarth Safety will assure you with every piece of advice on the protective system which isolates a faulty element. To fulfill it, we’ll satisfy the four primary requirements of our client:


Reliability is a qualitative term. It can be expressed as a probability of failure.

  • Quality of personnel i.e. mistakes by personnel are most likely causes of failure
  • High contact pressure
  • Dust free enclosures

Our experts will update you with the records to show that the order of likelihood of failure is relays, breakers, wiring, current transformers, voltage transformers and battery.


The property by which only the faulty element of the system is isolated and the remaining healthy sections are left intact. Selectivity is absolute if the protection responds only to faults within its own zone and relative if it is obtained by grading the setting of protections of several zones which may Power System Protection respond to a given fault. The systems of protection which in principle are absolutely selective are known as unit systems. The systems in which selectivity is relative are non-unit system.

Fastness of Operation

Protective relays are required to be quick-acting due to the following reasons:

  • Critical clearing time should not be exceeded.
  • Electrical apparatus may be damaged, if they are made to carry fault currents for a long time.
  • A persistent fault will lower the voltage resulting in crawling and overloading of industrial drives.

  • Protection must be sufficiently sensitive to operate reliably under minimum fault condition for a fault within its own zone while remaining stable under maximum load i.e. a relay should be able to distinguish between a fault and an overload.
  • In the case of transformers, the inrush of magnetizing current may be comparable to the full current, being 5 to 7 times the full load current. The relay should not operate for inrush current.
  • In interconnected systems, there will be power swing, which should also be ignored by the relay.
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QRA Service

QRA Service
  • QRA Service
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QRA (Quantitative Risk Analysis)

Quantitative Risk Analysis is proven as a valuable management tool in assessing the overall safety performance of an Industry.

Samarth safety offers you premium services for your industry to help you make the best use of the resources.

Our team helps you to identify, quantify, and assess the risk from the facility from the storage and handling of chemical products.

We also assist you in identifying, quantify, and assess the risk to nearby facilities/installations.

Our experts will suggest personalized recommendations in order to reduce the risk to human life, assets, environment, and business interruptions to as low as reasonably practicable.

Furthermore, we provide Risk Analysis techniques along with advanced quantitative means to supplement other hazard identification, analysis, assessment, control, and management methods to identify the potential for such incidents and to evaluate control strategies.

QRA is widely used in assessing the risk in Oil & Gas Installations, especially refineries, tank farms, cross country pipelines, bottling plants, terminals, etc.

Our meticulously directed Risk Assessment procedure includes:

Hazard Identification is a critical step in Risk Analysis. Many aids are available, including What-if Analysis, Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) Studies, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), and Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA), etc.,

Our assessment report will include:
  • Assessment of risks is based on the consequences and likelihood.
  • Consequence Estimation is the methodology used to determine the potential for damage or injury from specific incidents.
  • Likelihood assessment is the methodology used to estimate the frequency or probability of occurrence of an incident.

Risks are quantified by our team of experts and ranked accordingly based on their severity and probability. Acceptability of the estimated risk must then be judged based upon criteria appropriate to the particular situation. This personalized study report is used to understand the significance of existing control measures and to follow the measures continuously. Wherever possible, additional risk control measures are adopted by our team to reduce the risk levels.

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HAZOP Study Service

HAZOP Study Service
  • HAZOP Study Service
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A Hazard and Operability Study systematically investigates each element in a process. The goal is to find potential situations that would cause that element to pose a hazard or limit the operability of the process as a whole. There are four basic steps to the process:

  • Forming a HAZOP team
  • Identifying the elements of the system
  • Considering possible variations in operating parameters
  • Identifying any hazards or failure points

In HAZOP, our team of experienced professionals carefully reviews a process or operation in a systematic manner to determine whether deviations from the design or operational intent can lead to undesirable consequences. This technique can be used for continuous or batch processes and can be adopted to evaluate written procedures. Our team of experienced professionals forms a specialized HAZOP team and lists potential causes and consequences of the deviation as well as existing safeguards protecting against the variation. When the team determines that inadequate safeguards exist for a credible variation, it usually recommends the action be taken to reduce the risk.

With our detailed process and systematic approach for HAZOP, we offer:
  • To check a design
  • To decide whether and where to build
  • To decide whether to buy a piece of equipment
  • To obtain a list of questions to put to a supplier
  • To check running instructions
  • To improve the safety of existing facilities
  • To review existing protection system designs by a specialist
  • Adding or modifying alarms that warn of deviations
  • Adding or modifying relief systems
  • Adding or modifying ventilation systems
  • Increasing sampling and testing frequency

Our role at Samarth safety is to –
  • Facilitate/lead the team to carry out highly structured and systematic examination sessions
  • Use of standard guide words and suitable simulation tool
  • Control the discussion so that meaningful results are obtained
  • Record the discussions and submit the report to the management
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Fire Risk Assessment Service

Fire Risk Assessment Service
  • Fire Risk Assessment Service
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Our team of experts at Samarth Safety has adopted the methodology of identifying the fire risks at the workplace as outlined by the regulating authorities of India. After identifying the risks, their evaluation and assessment have been carried out based on two criteria, i.e., frequency of occurrence of unwanted event or situations and the harm or extent of damage that unwanted events would cause that were to occur.

It may be noted that physical conditions that existed during the site visit were the basis for assessment. Due weightage was given to the existence of hardware systems like fire resistant construction, good electrical systems, fire protection equipment,etc.The practices followed in the premises with regard to safety.

Our Methodological Analysis Of Fire Risk Assessments Is Conducted With The Following Aims:
  • To carry out a systematic and critical evaluation of Fire Safety of the occupancy.
  • To suggest recommendations to improve the fire safety standards.

Fire Risk Assessment By Our Experts Will Be:
  • Identifying potential fire/explosion hazards/risks in the process and storage areas of the premises and suggesting appropriate preventive measures.
  • Reviewing the existing fire protection systems and suggest modifications wherever necessary as per applicable national and international standards.
  • Identify deviations with respect to fire safety procedures and suggest an action plan to correct deviations.
  • Advising further scope on compliance with statutory requirements related to fire safety & explosions.
  • Providing guidelines for the preparation of fire emergency and formation of a team for firefighting, first aid, rescue teams, and allocating specific responsibilities. Reviewing the existing On-site emergency plans with respect to Fire risk wherever such programs are available.
  • Evaluating the existing maintenance checklist of all fire protection systems. Even new maintenance of index provided based on the occupancy.
  • Providing graphical interpretation of the ranking using risk radar.
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Emergency Response Layout Preparation Service

Emergency Response Layout Preparation Service
  • Emergency Response Layout Preparation Service
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The Layout Plan Includes:
  • All possible emergencies, consequences, required actions, written procedures, and the resources available.
  • Detailed lists of emergency response personnel, including their cell phone numbers, alternate contact details, and their duties and responsibilities
  • Floor plans.
  • Large scale maps showing evacuation routes and service conduits (such as gas and water lines).
  • Since a sizable document will likely result, the plan should provide staff members with separate written instructions about their particular emergency response duties.

After Having Identified The Hazards, The Possible Major Impacts Of Each Should Be Itemized, Such As:
  • Sequential events (for example, a fire after an explosion)
  • Evacuation.
  • Casualties.
  • Damage to plant infrastructure.
  • Loss of vital records/documents
  • Damage to equipment.
  • Disruption of work.

Based On These Events, The Required Actions Are Determined, Such As:
  • Declare an emergency.
  • Sound the alert.
  • Evacuate danger zone.
  • Close main shutoffs.
  • Call for external aid.
  • Initiate rescue operations.
  • Attend to casualties.
  • Fight fire.

Also, Consider What Resources Are Required And Their Location, Such As:
  • Medical supplies.
  • Power generators.
  • Breathing Respirators.
  • Chemical and radiation detection equipment.
  • Emergency protective clothing.
  • Firefighting equipment.
  • An ambulance.
  • Rescue equipment.
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Workplace Safety GAP Assessment

Workplace Safety GAP Assessment
  • Workplace Safety GAP Assessment
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Our team at Samarth safety helps you to understand and evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation of existing management systems and find the gaps with respect to recommendations as per the relevant standards of the authorities and best international standard practices in accordance with the management system.

Furthermore, we report the findings in terms of strength and opportunities for improvement with the recommended improvement framework. We help you Prepare a roadmap through a systematic approach to overcome the gaps as observed in the Gap Analysis phase.

We Assist You With Services That Include:
  • Employees Participation
  • Facility Design, Construction & Pre-Startup Safety Review
  • Process Safety information
  • Risk Analysis and Management
  • Third-Party Services
  • Personnel Safety
  • Control of Defeat and reliability of critical system and devices
  • Work permit system
  • Operation & Maintenance System
  • Inspection & Maintenance
  • Management of Change
  • Training
  • Incident Investigation and Analysis
  • Occupational Health
  • Environment Management
  • Emergency Planning and Response
  • Compliance Audit

Our GAP Analysis Process Will Provide You:

Facility Walkthrough

Our Safety Resources will team with your facility management and/or safety director to identify areas of need and to facilitate an open discussion on the current hazard trends present on-site. We will document both positive and negative observations, covering the spectrum of applicable regulations. The facility walkthrough is an important step to ascertain whether the program set in place is working or if additional items, training, etc. need to be accomplished.

Documentation Review

Our consultant(s) will review your safety program, training records, incident reports, Safe Operating Procedures, Energy Control Procedures, permitting systems, orientation training, employee safety handbook, etc., for accuracy, completion, and provide recommendations for improvement, as well as identify what’s missing.

Report of Findings

Safety Resources will develop and disseminate a complete analysis of our findings during the walkthrough process and documentation review. This report will identify the overall “blueprint” for corporate safety initiatives as well as identify specific hazards and abatement activities to be complete to achieve compliance and to eliminate risks. This professional report will be delivered within a week of the initial assessment and will serve as a key deliverable for your organization.

On-going Safety Support

Safety Resources, upon completion of the Report of Findings, will be available for on-going assistance and consulting via our toll-free hotline (included) or additional service agreement(s) for consulting services. We take pride in our work and encourage on-going questions as they arise through your corporate implementation of recommendations.

Our prevention consultant will perform an assessment of your workplace’s safety and health management system. We provide you with –

  • a review of your workplace policies, procedures, manuals, and other safety-related material
  • observation of workers work activities
  • an assessment of your workplace’s safety culture
  • A final report of findings and recommendations.
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